Why Mediation?

"The secret and charm of life do not lie in the absence of a conflict, but in our determination and skill to resolve it." - Anton Semjonowitsch Makarenko

Organizations mean people.

Every relationship can rise conflicts. Reputational risk and costs are significant in the event of a dispute and increase proportionally to the period of non-settlement of the dispute.

Mediation is a preferred alternative for resolving a conflict because:

  • The confidentiality of all procedures carried out and the information provided are respected;
  • The resources allocated to resolving the conflict are much lower, compared to those allocated to litigation;
  • The solutions are creative, unlimited and customized to each situation;
  • Mechanisms to prevent potential future conflicts are generated.

Conflicts affect time, financial situation, personal and professional relationships as well as our health, so they are too important to let them degenerate, regenerate or to constrain us in any way in the long run.

Through mediation you have the chance to end a conflict regardless of its length, save a lot of time and a lot of money that you would otherwise invest in costly and lengthy litigation, based on complicated procedures, ambiguous language and an impersonal decision made by someone else in the presence of all.

Here you will not be “judged”, confidentiality is respected, the way to resolve the conflict belongs to you, the solution will be personal, sustainable, created by you so that you can put it into practice simply and without the feeling that you have been wronged.

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